Game Developer

I worked at SuperGaming for nearly 3 years from April 2019 to February 2022! 

Over this span, I held various responsibilities on different projects I worked on which include:
– Integrating the games developed into the SuperParty
– Working with the User Research team to analyze the data generated by the gameplay events to find churn points, variants performing better in A/B testing
– Working on improving retention based on the user research analysis
– Working with the design team to implement the core gameplay mechanics
– Actively being a part or conducting of play-test to understand the user behavior inside SuperParty
– Working with the art team to add animations, art assets into the games- Developing and Designing Mini Games.
– Working with design and art to implement UI.
– Working as Technical Artist for memory and size optimizations, coordinating with the Animation and Art Team.
– Collaborating with other departments and team members to meet the deadlines.

*All the Games mentioned above and related content are the property of SuperGaming.